What is Trash-Mail?

Trash-Mail is an email provider, which provides its users a quick and easy way to use various email accounts without giving personal information and without registration. On request, chosen e-mail accounts can also be provided with a password protection.

Where can I use this email-addresses?

The email addresses of Trash-Mail can be used anywhere and in any situation. These are full featured email boxes with all necessary functions.

Can I even write emails?

Yes! Read this short How-To on how to write emails with

What about attachments?

Even sending and receiving files is possible using Trash-Mail!

How to create an email-account?

Email accounts can be created via the link "Create new Mail-Address". If you need further informations, click here

How long can i use my Email-Account?

The password-protected email mailboxes on Trash-Mail are automatically deleted when not in use after 3 months. With regular use, the e-mail accounts remain open without restriction. Mailboxes on Trash-Mail without password-protection are always accessible and will never be deleted.

Are there any limitations?

No. The mailboxes on Trash-Mail can be used like any other email address.

How do I fetch mails?

Emails can be accessed via the link "Inbox". More Info

How do I send an email?

Messages can be created and sent via the link "Compose". Read this short How-To on how to write emails with

Can I create several accounts?

Yes! Other email accounts can be created via the link "Account" and then "Create new Mail-Address".

What types of accounts are there?

Trash-Mail offers accounts with or without password protection. E-mail accounts without password protection can be easily used and need not be created before use. Password-protected e-mail accounts must be created before first use via the link "New Address".

Can I change my password?

Yes! Simply follow the link "Settings" in the mailbox menu and then click on "Change Password"

How to recover my lost password?

Due to the fast and anonymous registration process of e-mail accounts with password protection, they can unfortunately not be reset on Trash-mail. This means if you lose your password, it is no longer possible to access the account.

What happens to my messages?

Email messages of password-protected accounts remain in their mailbox for 6 months and are automatically deleted afterwards. Emails of accounts without password protection are automatically removed after 24 hours.