• Disposable email service with all conventional mailbox functions!
  • NEW: Write email, forward and reply to any address!
  • SECURE: All data is encrypted with SSL!
  • FREE: All features still stay completely free!

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Disposable Email Inbox

  • Disposable mail without registration. Just use it!
  • NEW: Now also fake mail with password. Activation without personal data in a few seconds!
  • NEW: Reply and Forward your Mails!
  • NEW: Now with attachments!
  • FREE: Your disposable email inbox costs nothing!

Send Fake-Emails

  • NEW: Send Fake-Mails without registration!
  • NEW: Disposable Email-Account with password. Activate it in just a few seconds!
  • NEW: Add Attachments to your Fake-Mail!
  • FREE: Sending disposable Mails also costs nothing!

New Fake Addresses

  • NEW: Many new Email domain names available!
  • NEW: Create disposable Email-Addresses with password protection!
  • NEW: With and without registration
  • FREE: All features still stay completely free!

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Current available Fake-Mail-Addresses on Trash-Mail

Disposable email without password protection:
Disposable mail with password protection: